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Micro-fibre Hair Towel (NEW) - MOD Cosmetics

Micro-fibre Hair Towel (NEW)

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Introducing our Micro-fibre hair drying towels! Made of high quality microfiber fabric material, extremely soft and super absorbent!
Our micro-fibre hair towels not only protect and prevent frizzy hair like a regular harsh towel would, but also highly prevent split ends and friction damage! They are made to dry your hair faster than a regular towel so you can spend less time blow drying and more time to protect your hair from heat damage! Our micro-fibre hair towels come with a tie hoop to secure as a turban which makes it super convenient for you to apply makeup, bath, do facials and so much more whilst drying your hair the right way!

The hair towels come in 3 different colours - Pink, Brown, Nude